Blaire Creative believes that the strategy is constantly evolving, changing and challenging the market. The culture of change has often been deliberate, however often misguided. Blaire Creative's purpose is to be indifferent (sustainability). That's why we aim to build an ongoing, sustainable relationship with the brands and clients that we work with, so that we stay ahead of the game. We offer valuable insights into the market and a wealth of innovation that is relevant to their product or service.

We enjoy working with the client in creating clear outcomes. We outsource our community of creatives, researchers, planners, designers, producers, editors, and marketing team to make your vision become a reality. Blaire Creative has a unique ability to offer strategy as a service and then cement it with production and design of marketing material. Our global network and connections to ethical, and eco-friendly manufacturing and production allows us to create an honest and sustainable strategy for our clients.



We are a fully integrated Creative Agency, offering a PR and event's team of disruptors, creative's and entrepreneurs. Our services are limitless.We take PR beyond its traditional means and pride ourselves on developing strategies that communicate vital messages in a unique,yet direct and effective way. As a previous and ongoing trusted media source, we have already built networks and connections with multiple channels.

We also have an intimate knowledge of the media landscape. This has allowed us to become experts in finding stories, also finding the right audience for our client. From concept development to execution, Blaire Creative excels in turning your dream event, into a reality. Through innovative ideas and engaging marketing strategies, we ensure that our client's vision exceeds all expectations. Blaire Creative's foundations nourish the concept of sustainability. We flourish in collaborating with cultural, corporate and non-for-profit organisations, whether staging a brand launch, screening, function or pop-up outdoor bar, our creative innovators cross the T's and dot the I's to ensure that their audience is captivated. 



Production is all about making ideas come to life. In production it's all about physicality and with our team of experienced designers and producers with varied backgrounds, we can offer innovative and creative concepts will make you shine out of the crowd. The team will collaborate with you to find the most complementing service for your product, and or project.

Our videos are a powerful sales tool, which clients use to create awareness on social media platforms and other channels. We have drones and other technical equipment for high-end video and production. Our team is some of the most sort after designers, and creatives who can execute any idea that you bring to the table. We offer digital, and offline strategy. We also extend our services in offering our connections throughout Asia to sustainable and ethical manufacturing. With our design and production team, you can expect video, photography, graphic design, website, and apps. We even go as far as copy, event planning, press release, advertising and marketing material. We go beyond your means.