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Online Magazine


The future is seperate from now only by the time it takes for us to design and create it


Blaire magazine is a social enterprise online publication that prides itself on delivering contentious, raw and real content about the stuff that really matters. We believe in empowering our society by educating them about the importance of sustaining our land and community. 

Blaire Magazine has turned off mainstream media and switched onto freedom of expression. We know there’s more to life than what’s in front of us, and we have the courage to explore it. We’re awake to the understanding of the workings of the world. The wisdom to see corruption for what it is, compassion for those in need of it, and the ability to discern your own educated truth of this mystery we call life. Nakedness transforms into freedom – freedom of expression and freedom of choice.

Blaire Magazine has created a movement. We're raw, real and completely transparent compared to the mainstream bullshit that we're constantly fed to believe. We've built a solid foundation of young, creative legends who believe in establishing an honest, reliable world where content is delivered in a cool-as-fuck way, to educate minds to wake up.