New Wings Old Bones

Where the F*ck did we go? 

Over the past few months, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve dug a big, dark hole and gone underground – only to rear our bottoms when something has seriously fucked with the system.  

It hasn’t been an easy time burrowing away. We’ve faced some challenging boulders, especially while navigating our way back up to the top. During the course, we’ve welcomed a new logo, website, business model and community. And while we’ve said goodbye to a few of our favourite team players, we’ve also been greeted by fresh faces - eager to stick their teeth into our vibes. 

More importantly, however, we’ve welcomed the evolution of change. For the crew who have been loyal lovers since day dot, you know our drift. We’ve chatted your ears off about how we can make a change in this world. We’ve delivered it in creative, controversial and alternative ways because we believed (and still do) that education’s the key to changing our corrupt system! However, we got sick of just talking the talk and not physically making any change ourselves. It’s all well and good to preach about ‘how fucked up the world is,’ but what if we could physically create change too?

That’s when the team at blaire welcomed some kind of hairy, tanned wizard onto the team. We don’t want to pump his ego too much, but his last name is Magick – and yes he did sprinkle some of that fairy dust into our eyes. Meet Mr. Christopher Magick, the new Creative Director of blaire. With his fifteen years within the creative industry, he has his finger on the pulse (or wand) and has helped evolve blaire into not only a brand who talks about making a change, but physically creating and delivering it too.

Welcome to blairecreative. We're a disruptive, sustainable creative agency who believe that design and innovation can alter reality. 

So…What is a creative agency? We’re now a company that offers strategy, design, technology and advertising services to clients. We’re made up of creative, yet professional legends, and we’re strongly defined by our core values:

Disrupt. Challenge. Influence. Sustain. Empower. Change.

How do we practice what we preach? The world increasingly demands brands with products and services that consider nature, the environment, and people. Blairecreative is a full creative service, innovation and digital production house and we’ve developed our foundations on considering nature and society in all things we create, say, capture, share and make. Creativity is sustainability. 

What makes us special? We are not just deliberately choosing to be different, but being different by the way we integrate the philosophy of sustainability into not just the things we make and create, but also into everything we do and every relationship we make. This is our approach to a key growth strategy for brands. Sustainability is not just cool, but it is part of the growing necessity that markets are demanding.

Gone are the days of manipulating society with false marketing ploys. People are asking questions. We’re becoming increasingly conscious about where products are being produced and what brands ‘actually stand for’.

What’s the answer? We believe that becoming conscious is where it all starts for anyone. If your product isn't ethical in its manufacturing, sourcing of materials or the design process, we can guide anyone through a process to achieve a sustainable and conscious approach. We know that this is the way of the future.

We have a vision and we're redefining a sustainable future, by resetting the common values and restoring an ethical view on the world.

Cheers for helping us grow! 


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