A strange conflict

The truth is a conflict, it's prefixed with post;
What's left of the world is right-winged, I suppose!

A world where One Nation flaunts it's own dream;
To let prejudice rule over, ain’t that not extreme?

Where Syrians cry out with now sceptical eyes;
A world that's complacent, huge walls that arise!

Silent cries in Aleppo, you’ve probably heard;
But “pas mon problème” was often inferred!

A prolonged struggle, unnecessarily delved,
Arms can’t remediate that war with ourselves!

Are we truly human, with only armour to show,
That applauds all conflicts to eviscerate our foe?

All nations determined to bar covered heads;
And stand by absurdity, spelt ‘righteous’ instead!

No scarf be unveiled, or travel bans akin;
Be kind to the world; the conflict’s within!

Adamant we stand, conflict in our head;
“The enemy’s but human”, was swallowed and said!

Two wars have scorned, the world at its girth;
If anything we’ve learnt, it’s to avoid a third!

We’re all but right, and traditionally maligned;
We’re all bloomin’ victims, of conflict in our mind!

Gayle Amara