Creative Corner: Poetry

A Free Spirit

An enchantment you are,

With a soul, so divine;

A precious little beauty

Radiantly you shine!

Fluttering your wings,

New heights to soar;

Conscious and poised;

Of comfort, letting go!


To take on adventures,

To live out your dreams;

To share with all, hope

Of how life should seem!

Leaving worries behind,

New paths you create;

Mentoring your destiny,

For it’s never too late!


Thy spirit reverberates

The inspiration you are!

Called to dream on,

You’ve raised your own bar!

Free to stay put,

Free to let go;

Wisely you choose

To fly some, then soar!


Wild is thy spirit

Free-will you master;

Taming the world

As your own li'l oyster!

Belief beyond bounds,

Such pleasure it gives;

Embarking on strength,

A dream to outlive!


For courage, you gain

And strength, you find;

To accept that nothing

Is ever truly thine!

With wings, you are born,

With wings, you will soar;

From life, you will learn

To freely let go!


A simple, little being

Holding love galore;

Let boundaries be pushed

And pursuit stay fore!

Uncertain the road be,

Let thy journey unfold;

Of freedom, be cautious,

Of wisdom, stay bold!


With courage, you tread

And blissful you be;

Deny not your passions,

Set yourself free!

For free, you are born

And freely you'll soar!

In this ol' li'l oyster

Of a world, you now know!

Gayle Amara