Holistic living could be hazardous to your health

There are millions of people worldwide who put their lives at risk just by turning up to work every day. Power line workers. Firefighters. Sanitation workers. Miners. These people turn up to work every day in order to keep us safe and/or to give us amenities that we often take for granted. But what if I told you that working as a holistic doctor can be quite deadly as well? Wait – what? Apparently, if you’re a holistic doctor in the great U.S. of A, your days are pretty much – literally and figuratively – numbered. 

Well, the beginning is the very best place to start, as they say. Let’s put things into perspective by drawing up a little timeline of what’s been going on thus far:

19 June 2015 – Dr. Jeff Bradstreet is found floating in a river near his holiday home in Rutherford County, North Carolina. He had a gunshot wound to the chest. After investigating, police said the wound was self-inflicted and ruled the incident a suicide. Hmmm… Why is his name so familiar? Dr. Bradstreet is a strong and vocal opponent of vaccination, which he claims causes autism in children. A few days prior to his death, agents from the Food and Drug Administration had conducted a raid on his office premises. 

21 June 2015 – Baron Holt, a chiropractor from North Carolina is found dead in Jacksonville, Florida. Friends and family maintain that Holt was in a great physical condition prior to his death. However, there have been reports that Holt had been suffering from a few health problems himself. 

21 June 2015 – Bruce Hedendal was found dead in his car and authorities have ruled that he died from natural causes. What’s his back story? Hedendal had served time in prison in the 2000s for tax evasion but there has been no link between his sentence and his death.  

29 June 2015 – Teresa Sievers, a holistic physician, was found dead in her home. There were initial reports that she had been murdered by her husband. However, two Missouri men – Curtis Wright and Jimmy Rodgers – have been charged with the murder of the Estero doctor. 

5 July 2015 – North Dakota doctor, Patrick Fitzpatrick, has been missing and Search and Rescue efforts are ongoing. His vehicle and trailer were found abandoned with no signs of disturbance. 

10 July 2015 – 34-year-old emergency-room physician Lisa Riley was found dead in her Northhampton home with a gunshot wound to her head. Her husband who is a boxer has been charged with her murder. Is history repeating itself? The boxer – whose moniker in the ring is Thomas the Terrible – was acquitted of charges of shooting his ex-girlfriend a mere three years ago.

19 July 2015 – Ob/gyne doctor, Ronald Schwartz, is found dead in his Jupiter Farms home. Neighbours said that the doctor was reclusive and kept to himself. Did he have a sordid past? Dr. Schwartz is credited as the writer of the erotic comedy production called Smooth Operator. Investigations of his death are still ongoing.

21 July 2015 – Well-known alternative cancer doctor, Nicholas Gonzales, died of a heart attack in his New York City home. The physician was often labelled a ‘pioneer’ for spearheading the Gonzales regimen which was said to be able to treat late stages of cancer successfully.

23 July 2015 – On 29 June 2015, Jeffrey Whiteside was reported missing. 25 days later, the Grand Chute doctor was found dead with a .22-caliber revolver found at the scene. Reports found no traces of drugs or alcohol in his system. His death was subsequently ruled as suicide.

12 August 2015 – Dr. Mary Rene Bovier was found stabbed in her home in Pennsylvania. No arrests have been made so far and investigations are still ongoing.

15 September 2015 – Manhattan oncologist and author Dr. Mitchell Gaynor was found dead in his country home in Hillsdale. The best-selling author advocated a blend of nutritional therapies and medical research to combat cancer.

Conspiracy theorists and advocates of natural treatments, of course, are having a field day. Pharmaceuticals have been linked to these mysterious deaths. State authorities involved in the investigations have been accused of rushing to close the case and ignoring pieces of evidence. The US government has been slammed with trying to cover up the crimes which are a foil for a bigger conspiracy. Family members and friends are calling for the truth. But what is the truth? And is there really a link between all these dead holistic practitioners? 

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

It is really difficult to believe that pharmaceuticals or even the US government could be involved in the act of wiping out the holistic practitioner community. Skeptics call this theory a whole load of bullshit and says that these incidents can be explained with two very reasonable theories. Firstly, 11 deaths out of approximately 1 million doctors in the United States isn’t a staggering statistic. For those who argue that it isn’t fair to lump all types of doctors in the same category, I would like to point out that based on the list of deceased natural medical practitioners, all of them prescribed to different types of holistic treatments.

Secondly, the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon can be used to explain this type of coincidence. We don’t tend to notice things until they come into our consciousness but when they do, we have the sense that they keep reoccurring into a pattern. Deaths of 11 holistic doctors in the span of 90 days would fit into our innate human need to find a pattern in our lives. These are things that we might have come across in the past but it’s only when it reaches our consciousness that we become more aware of it to the point we’re placing emphasis on something that could be totally random. It might be a trippy mindfuck but it’s quite cool nevertheless.

But Wait … Is GcMAF The Link?

Some websites claim that they have actually found the link between the deaths of these holistic practitioners and it’s actually something that each of us humans have. We all possess a protein in our bodies called GcMAF that has the potential to cure cancer and reverse symptoms of autism. It is said that Dr. Bradstreet was highly involved in this research. However, the Food and US Drug Administration has outlawed the use of GcMAF in treatments because it is an ‘unapproved drug’. According to reports, Dr. Bradstreet was also working on research that linked Big Pharma to the use of cancer inducing compound Nagalese in their drugs.

So What’s The Verdict?

I don’t know if we will ever know the truth behind these deaths, but the recurring theme seems to be the theories abounding about the link between GcMAF, Nagalese and the deaths of those doctors. Typically, the authorities and Big Pharma have kept mum over the whole issue, obviously hoping that it will blow over and this episode will turn out to be another nail in the coffin of health quacks. However, it is high time that these big organisations thought about something else besides their profits and their bottom lines. A major question mark arises: if GcMAF can do what these holistic doctors say it can, why the fuck aren’t these pharmaceuticals busting their asses to find a cure for cancer and other chronic diseases?

While I am hugely against the idea of sensationalising news in order to be more worthy of capturing the public attention, these incidents have at the very least pushed the idea of the potential fuckery going on in the billion dollar pharmaceutical and medical research industry. It is high time that we stopped being slaves to the manipulation of these companies and started demanding for better and more affordable ways for us to live a longer and healthier life. While linking all these deaths to one key factor might be a stretch, I do hope that more information will come to light about these doctors’ deaths and / or murders. We owe them that at the very least.

Yen Li Wong

Yen Li Wong