Creative corner: Poetry

A change, indeed!

Uncertainty hovers
Over a wall being built;
A mass of concrete,
To affirm what thou willed!
A sentiment so fierce,
That did resonate;
With people so hopeful,
Yet anchored with hate!

Imaginary borders,
Imaginary no more;
A label unworthily
Spurning out a foe!
We're all bloody preachers
Condemning the law;
Hopeful for change,
So oblivious to war!

Have we ever learnt
From mistakes in the past?
The aftermath of hatred
Is a self-proclaimed arse!
Monotonous the rhythm
Of life and its reins;
We’re all bloody faithful
To a constant called change!
The religious despised
For keeping their faith;
How righteous are we,
To then discriminate?
We’re our own redeemers;
Social thinkers of course!
We're all bloody rational;
Yet thoughts are imposed!

Coloured we're all born,
Coloured we all die;
We're all bloody beautiful
To the naked li’l eye!
We're all unique beings,

Yet in bigotry we pride;
We’ve ruined our world

With the term ‘civilised’!

Raw and passionate,
We’re allowed to abide;
Untamed by laws,
On a joyous li’l ride!
We’re born to the world,
Our journeys mapped forth;
We're all bloody people,
Be it air or a boat!

Decisively, we must
Our thoughts re-arrange;
We’re all bloody human,
The attitude needs change!
Unjustly we judge,
In hostility we delve;
A change, indeed,
Must begin with ourself!

Gayle Amara