Boost Mobile - Brand Strategy

Boost needed a brand refresh. We took it from a strong association from extreme sport and elevated it into a more relevant and fashionable level. Our aim was to reach out to the youth of today. They were our market and that was the brief. Instead of scraping the extreme sport side of the brand all together we molded the pre-conceived idea of extreme sport was with the new generation of extreme sport and what it is becoming. 


Airtasker - UX/UI

Responsible for instigating and the lead on the overhaul of the user experience design, user interface, and overall online brand direction. Changed the colour, orientation and layout of the logo. Worked on campaigns, including viral video productions, publicity stunts and marketing the brand and business.


Saviour - Design & Production - Fashion

We worked with the founders on the first range of Saviour. We focussed on the brand concept and bringing it to life through unique fashion pieces, the website, PR and marketing that the brand engaged in.

Saviour is a progressive UK menswear brand with a British style that draws inspiration from the UK’s impressive musical and cultural heritage, from the Mod movement to the rise of Acid House and everything in-between. 

Byron Surf Festival - Brand Strategy/PR

Blaire Creative was approached to assist in relaunching the much anticipated and loved festival. We pushed the direction of integrating sustainability into the processes of the festival and utilizing technology to create better communications and further the core values of the brand.

hipages - Brand Strategy/Design

BC was approached to give the already highly successful brand a new approach that would solidify there position in the space. For the last five years they enjoyed the space pretty much to themselves, however in the last 12 months multiple new start-ups have entered into a similar vertical. The aim of the project was to establish a connection with current users and potential users. I worked through a variety of strategies on both product and brand design.

Topless for the Sea - Brand Strategy/Design

Kate Nelson is a well know activist and powerful ambassador for the sea. We helped her create her most recent campaign Topless for the Sea an initiative to stop people putting plastic lids on there take away coffee cups.

Fernanda Urbina - Photography/Art Direction

Shot in an abandoned castle fort in Mexico, BC was hired to art direct and produce the photoshoot used across a range of fashion publications.

Insight - Artwork

Multiple Artworks produced over a number of years consulting for the brand Insight.

Erin Tetarenko - Branding

We developed a brand for well know leadership visionary and coach Erin. The cards are made with Australian native seeds so when planted grow.

Transition Films - Branding/Website

Rebrand project for established Sydney based film and production company. Website design using Squarespace for client to easily update project folio pages. Business cards were created by Artisan Press using traditional full separation and gold foil.

Gola - Branding

Managed the brand Gola in Australia. Worked with head office in the UK to develop campaigns and PR and marketing projects and the website. During this time GOLA celebrated its 100th year anniversary. We deployed multiple campaigns across various digital and print mediums. worked on the concepts for these as well as the execution and production. 

Startup Academy - Branding/PR

Startup Academy approached us to design their identity and develop the style guide to be used in all communications. We also developed the PR strategy.

Food & Words - Art Direction

Created a range of slides for renowned food critic Barbara Sweeney. They were used across a range of online campaigns and the Sydney Writers Festival.

I am apollo - Music Video

BC was approached to create a clip for the band, after working with the band members to establish the feel they wanted we tracked down a person with over 8 hours of super 8 footage taken in the 60's from their local neighbourhood. We then went ahead and had it digitised and put together the clip for "When the Shines off".

Byron Arts Classic - Video Production

Using animation we put together a promotional piece featuring some of the best pieces from the festival from the past. It highlights the importance of the Arts Classic and the role it has played in elevating the creative community in Byron Bay.

Choppy Somjee - Branding

Movement coach and Integrated Sports Medicine expert Choppy Somjee is at the forefront of his industry. He works with high level athletes and sports professionals. To reflect this we developed a brand that shows the dedication he expects from his clients with the blood sweat and tears cards, and the philosophy "Sustain Everything" applied across all branding. 

Marshall Artist - Branding

BC worked for the founders very early on in the development of the brand, on various projects including graphics, brand identity, pr and marketing.
The brand has been represented at some of the UK's finest stores including Jones and Selfridges of London, as well as international stores including Colette of Paris and Ships of Japan. Marshall Artist has been spotted on the backs of many key people over the years including Jude Law, David Beckham and the Gallagher brothers to name a few. The brand has also been frequently featured in ID, The Face and GQ. The brand is currently distributed in the UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Japan, Korea, China and Australia.


Marcs - Product Design

BC worked with Nigel Davis the Director at WebsterHoldings on developing footwear into the brands offerings. Looking into various labels around the world we developed a strategy and ranges. Then designed footwear and supplied spec drawings to the factories in China & Vietnam and oversaw the sampling process as well as POS and packaging design.

IQP "i quit plastics"- Branding/Design

i quit plastics is an enterprise formed to make people think about the impact of plastics on the environment and the health of the planet. We worked with Kate Nelson the founder to develop the identity and the product design.


John Dahlsen - Branding / Design

Environmental art, recycled art, contemporary environmental landscapes and seascapes, abstract paintings, installation art, public art, public speaking and writing, form the multi disciplined art of John Dahlsen. As a current client of BC we are working with him to reflect his alchemical approach to his art across all of his communications and marketing platforms.

Motion Montage - Videography / Design

Developed for emerging surf film maker Jamin Mclean, BC created the title sequence and graphics for this clip that was shot at the world famous big wave surf spot in Tasmania, Shipsterns. The clip titled shipsters, has seen over 200,000 views across vimeo and youtube channels.


 A Beautiful Weirdo - Branding/Design


Ahoy Trader - Branding/Design


TRASH Vintage - Branding/Design