b. 1986, HK.


What we do

Creativity is sustainability, blairecreative is a full creative service, innovation and integrated digital production house based in byron bay developed on respecting nature and society in all things we create, say, capture, share and make. 
The world increasingly demands brands with products and services to represent the necessity of considering nature, the environment and people with integrity. bc is a fully integrated strategy, design, manufacturing, production and sourcing service aimed at guiding entities through the process towards achieving a brand that is in touch with the demands of its customers today and tomorrow. 





Sarah Long (Founder) and Chris Magick (Creative Director) head a team of creatives from a broad spectrum of skills and industry sectors. 

Our network spans the globe and includes some of the most talented and creative thinkers, doers, and makers. we source and put together the right team for each project to ensure that the skills match the vision and the people with the tools to make it happen.




Ideas that grow


We have a vision and we're redefining a sustainable future, by resetting the common values and restoring an ethical view on the world.

Often taking a step into change can be daunting for brands or businesses. We want to foster, support and enable sustainability as a philosophy and practice within organisations.  This is our approach to a key growth strategy globally for brands. Sustainability is not just cool, but it is part of the growing necessity that markets are demanding from products and services. 

We believe that this is where it all starts for any brand. If the product is sustainable then the so is the brand. If your product isn't ethical in its manufacturing, sourcing of materials or the design process, then we can guide you through a process to achieve a sustainable product.

As with products, services also can achieve a sustainable model. We can review your services and implement innovative technology and practices to develop a service that is sustainable in its offering to your customer.

Businesses across the world are moving towards a more sustainable approach. We believe this is the way of the future and want businesses to see the value of moving their entire business to a sustainable model.

If the product, service, and business are sustainable then we are off on the right foot towards developing a brand that is relevant today and tomorrow. We believe that it's an ongoing and evolving process so rather than in and out the door clients we believe in building long lasting relationships.




We are not just deliberately choosing to be different, but being different by the way we integrate the philosophy of sustainability into not just the things we make and create, but also into everything we do and every relationship we make.